Among the activities of everything 2 human belongs also technical assistance to associations, organizations or enlightening non-profit organizations.

What led us to charity?

In our current consumerist culture, it is imperative and vital for any private sector business to prioritize any and all internal activities that help drive profits and create material results. Perhaps the best-known internal activity that can be used to maximize profits and help promote business prosperity is effective time management.

However, despite the best efforts of each organization, dead periods are likely to occur. While these dead periods can be spent in any way that a corporation ultimately wishes, it seems most beneficial for the company to redirect their human resources to use these periods as opportunities whereby they may engage in team-building exercises and group based charity.

Handsome men in suit gesturing with drawn charts on box

The sad reality is that for a number of companies, “charity” is simply a marketing strategy. For other companies it remains a component of a broader strategic objective often developed and implemented by those in executive positions. In many of these cases, these broader strategic objectives are not meeting the needs of the organization and/or their associations, and as such, only contribute to the commercial causes of the corporation.


In cases like that, “charity” becomes a coordinated fake effort to enhance the reputation of the company and has little to nothing to do with promoting a healthy corporate culture or charity itself. Indeed, oftentimes when corporations state that they are in fact, charitable, it is on conditional terms, which usually result in lavish parties being held. In these cases, the receiver of the charitable funds that were supposedly raised is grateful to have had their cause get additional exposure, and accepts the necessary conditions that the business imposed for hosting such an event to begin with.

Sadly, this is how “good business relationships” often work. This is where our corporation differs drastically from other businesses. We do devote our down time to charitable activities, but we do so from the perspective that we are simply doing good work. We do not make charitable giving a business strategy, rather we make it a voluntary act of good will.

With what can we help?

We do IT, so assistance particularly in this area is on the place. Below you will find a list of activities with which we can be helpful:

+Repair or optimization of your PC or network remotely

In the cases where your computers, laptops and networks come slow, faulty or you simply thing that something is wrong, you can contact us.

The first step after you contact us is analysis of the problem. Such an analysis is possible remotely without visiting. We use remote access to source of your problem (assuming the Internet connection is fine).

From personal experience we can say that you are dealing mostly with trivial problems caused by

  • trivial malware, which paradoxically paid antivirus does not reveal
  • outdated versions of systems
  • drivers related issues of the individual hardware components
  • unnecessary software usage because of wrong root cause  identification
  • usage of all available browsers because of knowledge lack about the equivalent of missing functionality opportunities specific for all browsers

If your trouble belong into one of mentioned category, we can help. You have to trust us, we will demand the online connection to your place.

For this purposes we need from you to pre-install software that allows us to connect remotely. During agreement on the time and date of our support you will be asked to told us ID and password generated by the mentioned software.

+Optimization or repair of your existing website

If you have any problems with your website, we can help as well. We have huge experiences about content management systems (CMS) WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

During the discussion on the time and date for our analysis we will require the following information:

  • link, username (equivalent to administrator rights) and the password of your site
  • information about your hosting provider

In case that the analysis identifies simple and trivial defects, we repair or optimize your website without interfering the content availability, and we acknowledge you with the outcome with an explanation of your problems.

In case that the analysis identifies serious problems, we may most probably ask for direct access to your hosting or database(s).

The most common problems encountered are:

  • lack of CMS knowledge
  • unactualized plugins, themes or content management system itself
  • outdated jquery or programming attempts
  • bad manipulation by duplications or restorations of the database(s) from backup
  • bad access rights settings of CMS files and folders

+Website creation or re-factoring for your mission

We can help in cases that you need to create new website.

Note that if you are in time pressure and need a website immediately, we can`t help you.

For emerging situations we can just recommend to you someone from our friends, who is technically capable and demands minimum in terms of financial – and it will be entirely up to you how you deal with the referenced help.

If the creation of your website in not a hurry case, contact us for sure, we will be happy to help.

Note also that by initial contact via our contact form share as much detail as possible, such as:

  • who we are, what we are, what, where and in what form we do that
  • who are our users
  • what we need to tell the world
  • what technological advances would simplify our routine work

Based on the obtained information we will be able to reply whether the work can be realized and how much time we will need to make it happen.

+Graphic design for your actions or events or web

In case you need help with graphic design flyers for your event, action, or graphic content for your website, we can help with this.

In this case it is advisable to contact us in advance, and specify requirements with as much details as possible.

+Consultation before buying of software or hardware

If you need advice before buying hardware or software, you can contact us.

Just keep in mind that we do not want and will not offer or imply a third-party solutions, we evaluate the offers only, and will let you know what we think, or what important information from the vendor is missing.

We can also help you in analysis across existing bids when you are planning the purchase of a digital equivalents paid solutions.

As a practical example, we could give you a list of some companies that earns from the lack of knowledge of the subject, but we rather prevent this in silence.

It may also happen that you want to buy some functionality to your site.

A great example is the fact that today’s editorial systems offer almost everything you need through additional modules for free.

On the Czech market, there is a lot of companies which are honest and like to help, however we have met with companies or people which customers are charged for something that is free of charge.

What are the rules we follow to help?

We can not help everyone, and we can not help 24/7. Like any other company, we are limited to deaf business period, and therefore we want to clarify the rules of our assistance to the public by creating a codex consisting of three simple points:

  1. We will help with joy whenever it is in our power
  2. We will prefer to help organizations, clubs and associations, which help others by their nature
  3. Excuse us if we refuse your approval, we are doing everything with regard to the current workload

What do we want for help?

We want you to continue in what you’re doing. Within the core of offered technical assistance, or „technical education“, we do not think of targeted reward.

If you want to thank us, form is entirely up to you. Simple and sincere „thank you“ is for us valued in same way as three hundred thirty-three million crowns or four lollipops =).